SM 10-3 Single Pole Voltage Detector

  • Compact battery operated detector (one 9V alkiline battery)

  • Voltage presence indicated by a powerfull audible signal and bright red flashing LED lights visible up to more than 15 m in direct line of light

  • Built-in tester (pressing the test-button generates a sound signal and provides a visual notification using the red LEDs)

  • Telescopic insulating stick consist of two elements made out of resin polyester/glass fiber that slide together

  • Made out of sturdy thermo-plastic moulded tubes

  • Delivered with batteries in a waterproof fabric case with a strap

  • Operating Voltage: 5 - 40 kV

  • Extended Length: 1.2 m

  • Normal Length: 0.8 m

  • Total Weight: 0.8 kg

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